April 2011 Clinical Laboratory News: in addition to assay instruments, patient portals are an important laboratory tool ( thx, @AHRQIX )

April 2011 Clinical Laboratory News: Improving Patient Safety and Satisfaction via Patient Portals – April, 2011, “Why it’s important to provide Patients Access to their Electronic Medical Record”

I have to say this is one of the coolest pieces of media I have ever done with someone, because of the context. Nestled in between discussions of genomic sequencing, the way platelets work, and other news for the laboratory medicine professional is this conversation, about another awesome tool for the clinical laboratory – the patient portal.

The interview is a direct result of the AHRQ Innovations Exchange ( @AHRQIX ) Unconference, hosted in Bethesda, last year, where a few patients, a few doctors, and a few health professionals talked about improving patient safety. Thanks to Corrine Fantz, Ph.D., from Emory University, for thinking about her colleagues in clinical laboratories across the United States. This group of professionals is a very important stakeholder group in patient safety, service, and quality, one that I learned to respect very much during my personal health record / electronic health record journey.

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