Photo Friday: What’s new with Christine, Susannah, Danny, and Regina?

I realize I’m posting Photo Friday on Wednesday, innovation means taking risks, and ultimately, it’s my RSS Feed 🙂

The delay in posting this image is that I actually didn’t think it was blog worthy because of the missed focus/flash magic, and it’s really my fault, because I wasn’t patient enough to take a look and ask for another, clearer one to be taken.

All of that aside, @drdannysands @christinekraft @susannahfox @reginaholliday and I recently got together in Washington, DC, to learn about what everyone else was up to. Regina came to back to DC after discovering yet another patient-centric health care organization, Christine and Susannah are starting or completing exciting new projects, and Danny and I were on opposite sides of the table so I didn’t get the full debrief from him this time. And that’s okay, I feel empowered with him just being in the room. The Boys State/Girls State topic came up again, it appears we have another alum in our midst. Blog post must soon be written….In the meantime, enjoy.

Next time, I’ll be more patient….

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  1. Waaaaa, I wanna goooo!

    But we must divide & conquer. As the movement grows, we fan out and cover the world!

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