Health Digital Check-Up: Physicians and Social Media | Edelman Digital

Health Digital Check-Up: Physicians and Social Media | Edelman Digital

There are two time-tested ways to get a doctor’s attention: (a) bring facts, lots of ‘em, and good ones, and (b) publish them in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

This is a blog post written from the communications professional perspective, by one of my co-authors of “Social Media and the Health System,” the esteemed @vincegolla , Digital Media and Syndication Director for Kaiser Permanente’s Brand Strategy, Communications, and Public Relations Organization.

It’s worth a read because it covers the same issue from a different facet, which is one of the great advantages of Web 2.0 – the conversation can fork and branch in very helpful ways. The paper itself was written for a clinical-leader audience. Vince’s post is a great adjunct for the communication leader audience about how physicians are approaching this issue and what they need to understand. This will help you, the communications leader/professional provide your expertise to them in a win-win-win, win-win, kind of way.

See what you think, feel free to comment right on the blog post itself, or here. Thanks to the folks at Edelman for being interested in great communication in health and health care.

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