Photo Friday: AHRQ Innovations Exchange @AHRQIX Chat on Change – it takes a team to keep up!

This week’s photograph was taken at Westat headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, where a whole team got together to field questions from a very enthusiastic and engaged audience attending the online Chat on Change: Using New Media for Innovation in Health Care Delivery.

Although it may have seemed that Ellen Crown and I were not in the same room during the chat, we were actually right next to each other, working hard to keep up. And this was a good thing. If you think about the fact that many webinars have very little participation from the audience, this was very much the opposite, less answering questions, more promoting others’ answers. Definitely a great learning experience.

And, kudos to the team at Westat, AHRQ, and AHRQ Innovations Exchange. During the time I’ve known them, I’ve been exposed to lots of innovative people, ideas, and experiences, which means that they are working hard to innovate in what they do for all of the people they serve, not just me. Thanks especially to Kay Gallagher at Westat, for keeping it fun and worth navigating the snow. I’d do it again, and that says a lot for someone originally from Phoenix!

More photos below, enjoy

Ted Eytan, MD