More support for walking – Behind the scenes at the launch of Every Body Walk! (@everybodywalk)

Diane Gage-Lofgren ( @dianelofgren ) and crew getting ready for Every Body Walk! (@everybodywalk) launch, Oakland, California (View on Flickr)

It is no secret that I am a fan of the walk, to anywhere, from anywhere, for any reason, ( see ), so it was especially cool that I was in California to watch Kaiser Permanente launch Every Body Walk! ( , @everybodywalk last week. It is “a public awareness project aimed at starting a national conversation about the health benefits of walking..”

The photograph above and the ones below are of the set-up for the event and give a sense of the interest and effort in promoting walking. I can say that this organizational support takes me to the next level – feel free to use the materials on the site to do the same for you – turn a meeting into a walking meeting, post your results below, tweet them to @everybodywalk .

Bob Sallis, MD, family physician, sports medicine expert, and driver of one of the coolest innovations in health information technology (adding physical activity as a vital sign to the electronic health record and workflow), is featured in the video below. With thanks to Holly Potter ( @htpotter ) for always fueling our enthusiasm….The movement is gaining feet….


Ted Eytan, MD