We all have unanswered Health 2.0/HIPAA questions. Go to @CDT_HPP ‘s blog with yours and they’ll request public clarification.

CDT Blog: Submit Questions on Health 2.0/HIPAA

Deven McGraw ( @healthprivacy ), the most excellent Director of the Health Privacy Project at Center for Democracy and Technology ( @CDT_HPP ), wrote to ask my help in publicizing an effort to identify the HIPAA related questions about Health 2.0 and other innovative technologies that “vex you” (not the technology, you understand that, the HIPAA implications :)).

If you’re wondering “why?” clarification might be needed, read this blog post by Deven: Questions about HIPAA and Health 2.0? Bring Them On. There are clearly areas of confusion today that take up our time and mindshare, sometimes in not so productive ways. I had one such discussion last week, and….it wasn’t clear what the answer was (sigh).

Of course the answer to everything Deven asks is “yes.” Not just because she was one of my first awesome mentors when I arrived in Washington, DC; that she has expertise and curiosity to take our questions in a confusing area and present them in the interest of providing clarification and fueling innovation. Readers here may know one of her other roles, an appointee to the Health Information Technology Policy Committee for the United States Department of Health and Human Services, in which she provides much insight and interest in innovation in HIT for patients/families/communities.

So, go to this web site and add your question (you can do it anonymously) now (before February 11, 2011). The questions already up there are creating some curiosity for me!

There’s a lot she and CDT can do to help, with your help….click now -> http://cdt.org/blogs/cdt/submit-questions-health-20hipaa 🙂

Ted Eytan, MD