AHRQ (@AHRQIX) Chat on Change: Using New Media for Innovation in Health Care Delivery – Send in your questions!

Yours truly will participate in this AHRQ Innovations Exchange ( @AHRQIX) online chat on January 27th, from 2 – 3 pm EST, but don’t come for me, come for my co-host, Ellen Crown, AHRQ’s Communications Specialist, who has been working in the new media space with one of the most trusted organizations in health care, Agency for Health Care Research and Quality. You can see her in action at Health 2.0 Stat in Bethesda, relatively recently.

“Chats on Change is a series that allows the audience to communicate with featured experts by text through a Web-based service in a question-and-answer format. The Chat will be conducted without verbal dialogue.”

In other words, plenty of bandwidth to dialogue instead of just hearing a presentation. I actually haven’t done an online chat in a really long time and I’m interested in it as the alternative to the parade of slide shows.

So why not join in? And join in in advance, by sending a question or two to [email protected], that’s [email protected]. You can also post any questions in the comments, of course.

You’ll be able to sign into the chat 24 hours early if you want to post your question in the system, and the chat will be linked from the home page of the AHRQ Innovations Exchange. Until then, you can find it here, on the AHRQ Innovations Exchange | Events & Podcasts page.

Ellen and I will look forward to your participation!

I put the event on Plancast for easy addition to calendars…

Ted Eytan, MD