Photos Friday: The (warm) faces of Health Information Technology – DC’s @Clinovations Photo Shoot

Trenor Williams, MD, Rodrigo Martinez, MD x 2, Kevin Coloton

This week’s photograph was taken during Washington, DC’s Clinovations ( @clinovations ) photoshoot, along with the photos below to show the face of health information technology as I know it and have known it – full of dedicated, creative, people who are passionate about the performance of our health care system. I work in this field more because of that than because it involves technology.

The shoot and the makeshift photo studio was produced by Partner Kevin Coloton, who happens to be a professional photographer (see his incredible portfolio here); no tax dollars were used in this production :). This in addition to being a clinician like Trenor (@trenorwilliams) and Rodrigo (@potemd) (he is a physical therapist) and health care leader.

The leadership of this group and other people working in HIT should not be overlooked as one of the most important impacts of stimulating HIT adoption. I am sure those of you in the field could say that same – see what you think and feel free to post your own story about the people you work with in HIT, or health care, for that matter.

Ted Eytan, MD