Photo Friday: White House Ribbon and Disruptive Cake

Installation of Red Ribbon, World AIDS Day, The White House


In Washington, in the same week you can see a scene like the above, which takes your breath away, and then one below, that does the same.

Disruptive Women in Cake

The first photograph is related to World AIDS Day, and as I page back in this blog, note that in 2007 (see “Photo Friday: Miracles Can Happen“), the ribbon was on a building, Whitman-Walker Clinic, in Northwest DC, the epicenter of the AIDS crisis where it began. In 2010, the ribbon is in the epicenter of the United States. A lot has changed in 3 years, locally, and nationally, in how we treat/respect minorities and vulnerable populations, the world has become kinder and more compassionate.

The second photograph was taken after Washingtonians Anita Samarth ( @anitasamarth ), Lygeia Ricciardi ( @lygeia ), and I ran into Regina Holliday ( @ReginaHolliday ) at the Disruptive Women in Health Care ( @disruptivewomen ) holiday event. Regina’s put up a photo of the cake before we got to it here. The event was not in our usual neighborhood, so it was like reconnecting with old friends, again. We were so happy to see each other and sample the sugar.

I am remembering via this post, all of the hope that we have that we can work together to help make miracles happen.

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