“Menu Set” – Regina’s latest art opening in Washington, DC

@ReginaHolliday ‘s newest piece features the faces of David Blumenthal, MD and Kathleen Sebelius , along with patients, vendors, and clients of electronic health record systems in support of changes to our health care system that make medical records more accessible to patients.

This piece and Regina’s other pieces are now showing at Politics and Prose bookstore, in Washington, DC, just a few short steps from the 73 cents Mural. Last night was opening night, and it was great to watch Regina explaining her art to community members. Her personal style is very supportive and mentoring – she is open to any question about her family’s experience. I met one of Fred Holliday’s former students and I learned more about his career – his classes were hard to get into at American University, and he is still missed. Some of his students get together on his birthday and watch a film together in his honor.

I have seen reactions ranging from a flood of tears to the most personal stories being told in front of this work. Regina talked about how one of her earlier pieces affected someone so much that she would be satisfied if no one ever saw it again. I think she’s achieved the same for this work.

The show is running through the month of December.


Ted Eytan, MD