HealthCampDC 2010 #HCDC2010 – DC as the Example

Mauimi ( @mjchatter ) and Mark ( @ekivemark ) HCDC2010

Two years and two months ago, there was no meaningful use, 9 of us really didn’t know how to use Twitter, and the Holliday family was intact and not worried about health information technology. In fact, my post about the 2008 DC HealthCamp is on this blog. Same room this time, except we’re officially sponsored. I learned that the 2008 and 2009 HealthCamps were rogue events. Such is the world of the innovator, we’ve all been there.

Speaking of sponsored, thank you to CareFirst ( @CareFirst_News ) for providing space for us and for the warm welcome by its leaders and staff.

This time, we were talking about what the next stage of Meaningful Use should be, with people who are meeting with Office of the National Coordinator to provide real input (see this blog post to provide your own), and going beyond twitter to talk about the real world and what we can do to help it. We were joined by the rock stars we’ve met since then, @dcpatient , @reginaholliday , @throopcat , and met some new rock stars.

There are always new rock stars to meet.

@Lygeia convening on DC as the Example

I was immediately interested and exciting in the convening topic that Lygeia Ricciardi ( @Lygeia ) put together, called “DC as the Example,” meaning that this group could apply its talents and enthusiasm to solve problems in our community. I was joined by many others with similar enthusiasm and it was one of those conversations where it was hard to get a word in, there is so much to say.

We went over a little geography lesson about DC, that describes its specialness, with so much disparity within such close proximity. I learned a ton about what people know, what they don’t know, and what we could do together. I’ll ask the same question Lygeia asked in the group – with your talents and interests, what could you do locally and show a difference in the health of DC (or substitute the community you live in). This group is interested in our own FoodCamp ( stealing shamelessly from San Diego’s @foodblogga , spirit of innovation ).

The DC HealthCamp is always going to be special, because it’s where we discovered the #epicenter concept, and that a small group of people can bring so much talent, in such concentration, to a small place. You just don’t know what you’re going to learn, and then you look up at the clock and it’s over.

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Ted Eytan, MD