Regina Holliday : The Patient Changes Everything

I spent the last few days with Regina Holliday ( @ReginaHolliday ), who is also a Kaiser Permanente member, at our bi-annual leadership summit in Washington, DC. We filmed this together at the end of a very long day.

Now, I have attended conferences with patients, but I have never attended a conference WITH a patient. And this wasn’t the plan, it’s just that I was with Regina most of the time, as was her art, with all of the attendees. I thought it was great – there’s nothing better than leading as if the patient is at your elbow than the patient actually being at your elbow. I had several, “Regina, is this really how you see it?” questions before, during, and after.

Her work was very well received, in the most thoughtful ways, by medical and nursing leaders present to learn and lead in several model health care systems represented in this group.

As she says, you can do it/it can be done, and health care is better for it. With thanks to all of the leaders and colleagues at Kaiser Permanente ( @kpnewscenter ) for including the voice and experience of the member, and Regina herself, who when I ask if it’s okay to share her experience, she says, “I love to share.”


Ted Eytan, MD