Photo Friday: HealthSpottr Innovation Salon in the #Epicentr

Healthspottr Innovation Salon, Washington, DC

This high-ISO, action-containing photograph is from the Healthspottr Innovation Salon in Washington, DC. The salon was facilitated by Carleen Hawn ( @healthspottr ) and allowed an interdisciplinary group of people inside and outside of healthcare to talk about innovative solutions, including Community Health Data Initiative and Blue Button.

I went with colleague Lygeia Ricciardi ( @lygeia ) and I think we were both reminded of the spirit of this community in solving problems that are not just national, but local too. I also want to point out that there are lots of ways to participate, and in Washington, there’s an upcoming HealthCamp , HealthCamp DC 2010. Be there (I have been called up to serve my community so I am not sure I will be, so please tweet lots and take photos).

Ted Eytan, MD