Design Thinkers solve the problem of the boring non-interactive meeting


Always lots of moving, ILN10

Always in motion – Innovation Learning Network, at the National Center for Aviation Training


I’m making this post the week’s Photo Friday as well, the photograph above shows an Open Space Networking Session that got blown open even more, because we’ve learned that smaller groups tend to function better than larger ones. This topic was about service innovation, which was turned into care delivery innovation, customer service, and tools. On the fly. That’s how it happens.

The second day of the Innovation Learning Network in Person Meeting in Wichita, Kansas, we participated in an Innovation Gallery, which consisted of 8 “stations,” 15 minutes each, with time for questions within. This approach works really well – it stretches the presenters who will present their work 8 times, at the same time, they can adapt and change within the 2 hours allotted to this activity. Better than giving a talk 8 times over 2 years!

Wichita is the “Air Capital of the World,” because of its heritage in aircraft development and manufacturing. Of course this brings the potential for great innovation in health care (I think anything can bring great innovation to health care) because of the health issues that go along with this industry as well as the expertise in things like composite engineering.

You’ll see some examples in the photographs below, including “carbon foam,” which is designed to go into the joint implants of the future, which will allow bone to grow into it and maintain its strength and vitality over time.

My favorite session was the one I came here to enjoy, on taking care of seniors. You can see the whiteboard below of our conversation; I think solving problems for this population, which we will all be one day, will be a great differentiator in health information technology and health care in general. Speaking of @ViaChristi, we were also treated to a fireside chat (photograph below) hosted by CEO Kevin Conlin and Michael Bahr, EVP Coventry Healthcare about their delivery system / health plan collaboration in the Medicare Advantage space.

There’s not a lot of sitting down, not a lot of disengagement in a meeting planned by design thinkers – the techniques they use will definitely find a home in the 20+ health care organizations that are part of the Innovation Learning Network ( @healthcareILN ).


There isn’t a photograph of Kaiser Permanente’s Destination Bedside project, of the Kaiser Permanente Innovation Consultancy – this is a toolkit to bring RN’s closer to the hospitalized patient through changes in their workflow. The Consultancy has made the toolkit downloadable to anyone to use. Does anyone know if any District of Columbia area hospitals are doing anything similar? Would they like to?

One more post coming, about Day 3, and our impromptu guided tour of the brand new Via Christi Hospital

Ted Eytan, MD