Thirst for engagement : HealthCamp SFBay

Thirst for learning, HealthCamp SF Bay 2010

Thirst for learning, AHRQ Innovators Conference 2010

Two very different audiences, same result – when people set their own agenda for learning and sharing, they readily dig in.

Yesterday was the second HealthCamp SFBay, held at the Sidney Garfield Healthcare Innovation Center ( @KPGarfield ). The event was expertly coordinated and planned by Danielle Cass ( @DanielleCass ), Mark Scrimshire ( @ekivemark ) and Mike Kirkwood ( @mikekirkwood ).

You can see in the photos below that the structure and great environment created by the Garfield Center contributes to big conversations, small conversations, and packed-room conversations.

I got to meet Christine Gray, a patient advocate I have been corresponding with for about a year now, and got lots of new ideas, including one of my favorites – FoodCamp (!), courtesy of Susan Russo ( @foodblogga ) who was in attendance. She told me about the work of Chef Ann Cooper, who has been working to change the quality of school lunches for children. There’s a lot we can do together as doctors and other health stakeholders. Let’s do it.

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