Now Reading: Harvard Business Review, Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation on the Front Lines

Harvard Business Review: Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation on the Front line (Link to KP Newscenter article which links to full text)

I have been meaning to write about this article since it came out, less because it is about Kaiser Permanente, more because of the people it features, notably Chris McCarthy ( @McCarthyChris ) and Lyle Berkowitz, MD ( @drlyle1 ). I have had the good fortune of interacting with both over the past 2 years through their involvement in the Innovation Learning Network (my posts and photos from those experiences are here).

Both are patient teachers – I recall Lyle specifically and gently bringing me up to speed on the art of storytelling when I arrived a day late to the last Innovation Learning Network meeting in Chicago ( I was meeting my new fellow expert panelists from the AHRQ Innovations Exchange , more on that  next ).

I can personally the impact of this work, first through Chris’ introduction of the open space concept to the AHRQ Innovators meeting just a few weeks ago. I posted on that, with photos, and also created this video of nationally recognized experts learning a new way of communicating with each other in person (it’s the ultimate social network, the one you form in person). Check it out.

Second, through my own experience at the World Congress for Consumer Health which I’ll create another post for next. In the meantime, please take a look and add your own experiences in the comments – how are you incorporating innovation and observation into the health care system where you deliver or receive care? Do you observe patients?

We are reconvening in Wichita, KS next week, for the fall in person meeting, this time I am hopeful that the overwhelming majority of attendees will be social media savvy so that they/we will share what we learn. Watch for it, will probably be hashtag #iln10.

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Looking forward to next week's ILN InPerson as well. And I can confirm that we'll have a live twitter feed accompanied by the (correctly assumed) twitter hashtag of #iln10.

See you soon.

Ted Eytan, MD