Slides for Closing Keynote: Consumer Health Care Congress 2010, Washington, DC

Kind of a busy week, I didn’t realize…

These are slides for the Closing Keynote presentation at the 2010 Consumer Health Care Congress, in Washington, DC. i definitely appreciate a conference I can walk to!

I’ll be honest and say that putting these together was a little tough for me, because I don’t have the same level of expertise/experience that the other presenters have in the area of workforce wellness.

With that in mind, I am hoping to add some knowledge to the discussion about getting to total health, which includes the work of all of the stakeholders at this meeting, as well as physicians, nurses, patients and family (don’t forget the family!).

Also, I have been given permission to show a preview of the next generation Kaiser Permanente My Health Manager at, going live this year and next. See what you think, and suggestions for improvement or questions welcomed.

Slideshare on the bottom, as well as links to all the sources used.

Ted Eytan, MD