#ePatCon images : Why Participation Changes Things for Health Care

Trying to stay ahead of things, I am posting the images that I have put together for a panel I am on with ePatient Dave ( @epatientdave ) and Danny Sands, MD ( @drdannysands ) at ePatient Connections 2010, in Philadelphia (hashtag #ePatCon). I am not known for reading words off of a screen when I present ( or as I was told in fellowship, I am guilty of “STD – slide-text dissociation” ) so these may be more meaningful when I am on stage with my respected colleagues. Also not sure if in the flow of things if these will all be shown, so they are also for reference.

I was able to successfully upload to slideshare this time, so that format is embedded at the very bottom, as are links to the sources cited.

We’re still a day or two away so if you have any suggestions for improvement, comment away! The description of the session is, by the way, “When patients are empowered and participatory, it changes everyone’s role – and needs. e-Patient Dave will lead a discussion with two true thought-leaders, Dr. Danny Sands of Cisco Systems and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and Dr. Ted Eytan of Kaiser-Permanente and Clinovations.”


Ted Eytan, MD