AHRQ Innovators Conference – Taking Risks Pays Off!

Take a look at the photographs below, and decide which type of conference you would rather be in:

The standard way…

Today’s way…

Today was the AHRQ Innovator Conference, hosted to support the AHRQ Health Care Innovation Exchange.

The risk part was the format, of the unconference/open-space networking type. I can definitely appreciate this given attendance at previous meetings hosted by US government agencies.

The meeting itself flew by time wise, even on a Sunday morning, and I think we all made many more connections in this format than we would have otherwise.

Chris McCarthy ( @McCarthyChris ) from Kaiser Permanente was our most excellent host, as was Mary Nix ( @mnx ) from the Agency itself.

The rest of my photos are below. I’d like to draw your attention to this one, which is of patients from the Medical College of Georgia (who were brought by MCG to participate) teaching us about their experience. Notice how everyone is smiling. That’s what patient and family involvement does for people.



Ted Eytan, MD