1st Edition: WellCentrix Podcast | Conversation with @MightyCasey, @TrenorWilliams, and Myself

@MightyCasey , a patient advocate, principle at WellCentrix, and media savvy podcaster, recently interviewed Trenor Williams, MD ( @trenorwilliams ) and myself about health information technology, health information exchange, and my favorite topic, patient access. Click on the link above to listen. Trenor and the team at Washington, DC’s Clinovations ( @clinovations ) are coordinating much of the work of the DC Regional Extension Center, so it will be exciting to see the impact of our government’s support of health information technology unfold and progress the state of the art in front of our very eyes.

When you see the tagline of WellCentrix, 1st Edition: WellCentrix Podcast | Liberating doctors from factory medicine, you’ll understand that it’s a bit provocative. Since Casey explained it to me, I understand that it doesn’t refer to a model or structure of care, it refers to a feeling that physicians have, which can exist in any type of care environment. As she explained it to me, she is working to help physicians see their potential to engage and work with patients to help them achive optimal health.

One note about me and my podcastingness – the thing I love about social media is that I get to attach a postscript to anything I do involving the media, and I also get to do a little self-critique. I think you’ll notice that I am a little energized about the topic in the podcast. I appreciate Casey’s excellent moderation talent, and I also do really well with grounded, enthusiastic partners, like Dr. Williams. See what you think.


Thanks for the shout-out, Ted – really enjoyed our conversation, and am happy it became the 1st WellCentrix podcast.

Also glad to have you point out the purpose of our provocative statement "liberating doctors from factory medicine." That line speaks directly to the WellCentrix mission of helping doctors spend more time with patients, and less with administrivia.

Ted Eytan, MD