Campaign for Better Care Forum : Patient Voices, my Interview

Campaign for Better Care Forum : Patient Voices –  This is a link to the videos of the patients who spoke recently at the Campaign for Better Care Forum, in Washington, DC. One of the best parts of the morning was walking around before the panel started, with @ReginaHolliday , in search of the panelists, to introduce ourselves and provide encouragement.

Watching Regina connect with them was really great – there was a kind of “I have some of the same experience as you” moment as well as a , “there are other people like me” moment. Is it fair to say that it’s the same feeling you get when you meet someone from your home country when you are traveling abroad?

I enjoyed all of the panelists’ presentations, whose videos are posted at the link above. I think about Joann Donnellan’s comments, near the end in the Q&A in the first video , where she talks about how, “all of a sudden,” all the resources she did not have access to, became accessible, when she herself fell in her caregiving role and needed 10 stiches above her eye. You can hear the entire audience burst out in laughter at that moment, which says a lot about the burden we still allow people to face in providing care…

I was grabbed for a few minutes to give an on-the-spot interview, and that’s posted here.



Ted Eytan, MD