Elevate Your Health Colorado (and the social media engagement of the physicians who practice there)

@SteveKrizman , from Kasier Permanente Colorado, wrote to let me know about Elevate Your Health Colorado , at http://www.elevateyourhealthco.com , because he knew (correctly) that I would be interested in @KPColorado ‘s work in bringing its physicians online in a social media kind of way.

This involvement of physicians in social media has more of a group feel, compared to the approach of @seattlemamadoc , who I interviewed here recently. ┬áSo for example, you can read the latest blog post of one of my favorite pediatricians, @MarkGroshek here , and it’s co-mingled with other content (video, blogs) from his medical group colleagues in the Colorado Permanente Medical Group.

I think both approaches are great – they are allowing physicians to express themselves and help their patients and their communities at the same time and doing it in an environment where they are getting trained and coaching along the way. This increases the likelihood over time that the medical profession will understand how to use this tool to help patients everywhere.

As I have said previously, it took the profession 80 years to adopt the telephone, 10 years to adopt electronic mail (at least in our medical group), it’s probable that adopting social media will happen more quickly through these efforts.

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Ted Eytan, MD