Data visualization, obesity and hunger rates

Obesity and Hunger: Partners?

Important Addendum (September, 2010) : On digging further I discovered that the seeming discrepancy on this infographic is actually a confounding of data that caused many people/organizations, including myself, to make incorrect assumptions about obesity in Washington, DC. See this pair of posts for more. This infographic provides the clue that the association that exists for the other 50 states, probably exists, here too. My assessment below, then, is inaccurate. Great work, JESS3, for causing the rethink, through the power of the visual.

I am a fan of the data visualization, and this one was recently created by local DC design firm JESS3.

Note that DC is a bit of a paradox in that it is one of the least obese “states” in the union and has an above average poverty and nutritional assistance rate.

This analysis, from the Martin Prosperity Institute in Toronto, may shed a little light on this, by adding in variables such as gender, race/ethnicity, as well as some newer determinants of community health and happiness such as “creative class,” “gay index,” and human capital indices.

With thanks to DC Resident and experienced media consultant Simon Owens for the heads up. Value of community, power of #epicenter.

Ted Eytan, MD