“Where do you come in? I need walls.” – e-Patient Ephemera, Washington, DC, July 29, 2010

“I need walls, white and primed for mural work.”

These are the words of Regina Holliday, in an early e-mail message pasted in a scrapbook she has created about the 73 cents journey, on display at last evening’s “e-Patient Ephemera” gallery opening. It was Regina’s first ever ( hosted with optimism for the future by the entire team at Washington, DC’s @clinovations ), and I was delighted to be a part of it.

Regina created several of the pieces just for the event, as well as showcasing other pieces that she has created to help people understand the importance of the patient’s face and name in health care.

What draws me to Regina’s work so much is that she is asking for something much simpler, easier (in my opinion) than fixing patient safety, quality, affordability – she just wants patients and families to have access to their health care information. There’s an understanding in all of this, though, that with equal sharing will come participation and partnership in solving much bigger problems.

More expensive than gemstones: $1428 per tablet

If Regina and people like her are committing their talent, abilities, energy to help not just their own families but families everywhere, it seems to be a good idea to welcome that help, and foolish to reject it.

I don’t think that’s going to happen, though. There were doctors, nurses, researchers, authors, and fellow patients (all savvier than many realize) present last night (in person, @dcpatient @epatientdave @mightycasey, and on canvas), and in our community who share the belief that anything is possible, because it is in the #epicenter. And before you say this is a Washington, DC-centric view of the world, make sure to read this tweet.

Photos below, enjoy.


Ted – This is a great post with fantastic pictures! Clinovations was so happy to have the opportunity to host this event last night and priviledged to have Regina's work surrounding us for the next few weeks in our office. The art and the people who are so passionate in supporting patients are a great reminder to why we do the work we do every day. Thanks to @ReginaHolliday and also our team who recruited colleagues, spouses, and friends to help with this event!

If there's anyone who missed last night's event that is interested in seeing the paintings, they can contact us @clinovations or any of our team directly while they are still on display. You can reach many team members via twitter at @anitasamarth, @trenorwilliams, @lygeia, @tedeytan, @potemd, @wongjeremy1, @HITgreg.

Dear Anita,

Thanks for adding to my account of last evening with acknowledgement of the Clinovations team (and yourself), who did an awesome job supporting Regina's event and asking continually, "how can we help?"

You gave Regina the walls that she asked for last night, during a very busy time for you, service with a smile (just like in this photo a year ago), for everyone in the #epicenter and beyond,


Ted Eytan, MD