Photo Friday: Take off from the #epicenter

This week’s photograph  was taken at Gravelly Point Park in Arlington, Virgina, right next to the DCA airport.

I have passed the park many times in a car or Metro but never stopped to see what it has to offer. Even though the image depicts people doing something I don’t like to do very much (leave Washington), it does create a kind of liberating feeling as you see people start their fantastic journeys. It’s a nice metaphor in any event for the progress being made in creating electronic health records that are meaningful for patients.

For a  little nostalgia, the Alaska Airlines nonstop flight from the west coast happened to land right on time. It’s one of the best flights around since it goes straight to DCA from LAX and SEA. Everyone else flies to IAD (not that there’s anything wrong with Dulles, it’s just a tad bit farther from the #epicenter).

And…a bonus video – the other great thing about this park is the diversity of people, reflective of this community, sharing the experience, right down to camera shooting tips. You’ll hear in the video that a child standing next to me also shared in the sight I was filming!


Love your perspective and how you share it, as always.

Man, that Alaska Airlines plane looks small for cross country! But I agree, it's wonderful to land at the Metro, vs needing another journey after debarking.

Ted Eytan, MD