Join us for e-Patient Ephemera, an evening of health, art, and technology, in the #epicenter

One of the greatest things I have discovered in the past year has been the power of art in changing the way people think about the patient physician relationship.

E-patient Ephemera

It has been wonderful, amazing, to see Regina Holliday ( @ReginaHolliday  ) and others contribute their unique talent to the world of health information technology, just as co-leaders E-Patient Dave ( @epatientdave ), Gilles Frydman ( @gfry ) and Susannah Fox ( @susannahfox ) have.

It has been disheartening, saddening, motivating, to understand the significant loss that Regina’s family has experienced to bring her here.

Our group is hosting an exhibition of Regina’s work on July 29, 2010, in Washington, DC.

An office suite usually filled with white boards, laptops and mobile smart phones will instead be filled with 20 paintings from Regina Holliday that interpret themes in health IT. Regina’s work makes a passionate case for patients and care givers to access clear and usable health information.

If you’re in the neighborhood, please join us. You can RSVP here.

How excited are we to put into practice what we have always wanted, for the patient voice to be integrated into everything we do as health care leaders?



Ted Eytan, MD