Hopefully Reading Soon: Open Leadership, by Charlene Li

Reviews and Press of “Open Leadership” – Founder of Altimeter Group, Author of Open Leadership, Coauthor of Groundswell – I am in the endnotes of this book, described as “one of the most prolific blogging doctors,” alongside mention of Kasier Permanente’s social media policy (which is available for download and as a model for others).

This description is interesting for me, because for a good portion of the time, I am worried that my activities are too opaque. Besides this blog, I maintain a blog on Kaiser Permanente’s internal social network (called “Ideabook”)

Charlene says, “openness requires more — not less — rigor and effort than being in control.” I agree, and would rather do the more challenging thing (be open), than the easy thing (command and control).

I’ve been blogging now for about 5 years (whoa), and at this point I really do feel uncomfortable if I can’t be open. I’d go farther to say that in other leaders I find openness interesting, exciting; command and control, boring.

Needless to say, I have been a fan of @charleneli ‘s work for a very long time; my discovery of the use of social media in leadership and change management/support happened around the same time she was breaking new ground in this field.

I am unfortunately not in a part of the world (the UK countryside) that’s near a bookstore, and the book is not “yet” on an iKindleBookstore, but as soon as it is, I look forward to reading it. I’m afraid I may like it too much.

Thanks for the mention, Charlene, and for paving the way for others in my generation. We’re ready to teach, and learn.

Ted Eytan, MD