Community Health Data Initiative part 2 – Improving the quality of datasets

In my work to understand the datasets linked to from CDHI, I noticed that one of them does not include Washington, DC, County Health Rankings.

Here’s the transcript of that exchange. Transparency makes things better and more useful.


Thank you for your question and for your interest in the County Health Rankings

We have produced County Health Rankings for Maryland and Virginia, but since the District of Columbia is not divided into counties, we did not prepare County Health Rankings for the District. However, we are looking into the feasibility of adding a snapshot for DC.

Thanks again for your question.
County Health Rankings staff



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I cannot seem to find county rankings for District of Columbia – I want to

use this data as part of the Sunlight Labs Design for Health Contest /

Community Health Data Initiative – DC is missing from the state dropdown.

Does the data not exist or is this an issue with your website?


Thanks for the very helpful resource!




Ted Eytan

Washington, DC


Ted Eytan, MD