Photo Friday: Out with Nature (sort of)

Anacostia River.jpg

Can you tell where in the District this is? It’s the Anacostia River. People who know me might find it uncharacteristic that I would be out here, and they would be right, because this is the 180-degree view of this:

Washington Nationals Park.jpg
Which is Washington Nationals Park. with the US Capitol in the background. I can’t help the fact that I thrive in urban environments. Hiking up the escalators at the Dupont Circle metro station is still hiking, in my opinion. Here’s one more photograph, showing off the green roof at the complex:

Washington Nationals Park Green Roof.jpg

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I know what you mean about thriving in urban environments! When we moved back from the midwest in 2006 I was ready to shop for a shoebox sized condo downtown. Family factors kept us outside, but maybe someday.

Ted Eytan, MD