“Patients are an unused part of the health care team” – Dennis Quaid – Chasing Zero : Discovery Channel

Chasing Zero: Part 1 : Video : Discovery Channel (Link to show on Tivo) – “Patients are part of the health care team, an unused part of the health care team”- Dennis Quaid.

This is a you-can’t-believe-this-is-happening-every-day documentary produced by Dennis Quaid in the wake of the near death of his children in the hospital.

There are stories of medical record access denied and unnecessary patient and family tragedy, great health care professional talent wasted by poor systems.

When I interact with/meet people like Sue Sheridan and @ReginaHolliday and then hear about their stories, I can’t believe how professional, poised, and ready to teach they are in these discussions. As my colleague @Lygeia and I were talking yesterday about these exceptional people, we realized, sadly, that the next Sue or Regina is being created, right now, in our health care system. We just haven’t met them yet.

Watch, see what you think.

P.S. After watching this, this paid-media seems even more of a head scratcher.


It’s really true most of the Patients are not seen by the Health care team because they belong to poor family or they give more priority to the rich patients. It should not be done. There should be only one rule for the health care team ¬†and that is doing their best in saving the lives of each patients.

Delighted to see that Dennis is telling his story as a clarion call to letting patients help. And you can NOT be surprised that the AHA doesn’t “see” patients, at least not as part of the team. Patients aren’t the customer in the eyes of the AHA, we’re the product. So, sadly, are doctors. Still. The hospital-industrial complex sees only payers as partners …

Ted Eytan, MD