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MySubscriptions to eHealth telehealth health care and patients.opml.txt

Fellow tweeter Lisa McGrath asked if I had a list of resources I regularly read to keep up on things. Both her query and the era of iPad caused me to clean up my RSS feed list (and yes, I still use RSS), and post an OPML document of the feeds I use to track:

  • eHealth
  • telehealth
  • health care in general
  • e-patient blogs
  • Kaiser Permanente and Group Health Cooperative (because they’re special to me)

Feel free to pull down and extract the file, change the extension to OPML, and upload it into the RSS reader of your choice ( I use Google Reader and NetNewsWire for Mac, iPhone, and iPad) . If you don’t know what this is or how to do this, you can (and probably should) bypass this post altogether.

Note that this collection is based on 5 years of serendipity, not hard core research or physician-rigor evaluation. So there you go, enjoy!

Ted Eytan, MD