Photo Friday: Picturing Total Health

Meridian Hill - Malcolm X Park

This week’s photograph was taken right after the snowpocalypse, and I am using it to add an image to the idea of “Total Health,” which is part of the presentation that Holly Potter and I are giving at HIMSS next week.

I like taking photographs like this because they show what the success of a health system looks like – people achieving their life goals through optimal health.

I learned to think this way because of the personal health record, which allows us to care about what our patients do when they are not in the medical office. From that perspective, the workplace of a health system that supports total health is where people live, work, and play.

I considered a few other images for the slide that this one is on (see below). They’re included here in the event you think they are a better fit than this one (let me know in the comments, please). I’ll post all the slides here after our presentation (and truth be told, when they are actually completed).

Ted Eytan, MD