“Give it to (the new generation of leaders) right now”; – Tea with The Economist

(update: Link updated on 5/11/12) “Give it to (the new generation of leaders) right now” – Tea with The Economist – Interesting stoking of generational change by Bill George near the end of this interview, with attached hopeless comment by the interviewer at the end (“I worry that the old leadership regime will cling on”).

I see/hear that this “out with the old/in with the new” philosophy a lot, and I wonder if baby boomers are selling themselves short.

I have been meaning to write a post about my belief that generational differences are probably overplayed. I’ve amassed quite a few links about this, and point to this article that lends to the idea that the way people think is not tied to their generation as much as people think it is.

See what you think, comments welcome.

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