Top 50 U.S. places to work (Kaiser Permanente is one of them) + Holiday gift from DC : Equality

A few pieces of good news:

Kaiser Permanente is in the Top 50 U.S. places to work. It’s at #38, Apple Computer is #22. Not bad. Both Kaiser Permanente and Apple Computer also are on the list of employers that score a perfect 100% on the corporate equality index.

Washington, DC is joining the ranks of communities that provides equality to its residents, in the DC Council action yesterday to provide equality in marriage, expected to be signed by law by the Mayor, and not expected to be blocked by Congress.

In encouraging a colleague to blog the other day, I was asked, “How much of your personal life do you include in your blog?”

My answer to this is that I post things that are relevant to the three major things that are part of my professional existence:

  • Health (as a means, not an end; of people, family, community)
  • Diversity
  • Washington, DC

So this information counts as bloggable. A great employer and a diverse community are good for health and happiness. Enjoy, and congratulations to Kaiser Permanente and the District of Columbia. I’m glad I know you.

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Ted Eytan, MD