Twitterfeed of this blog: @tedeytanblog

I have added a twitterfeed of this blog’s posts as an easy way to follow my postings. You can follow it here. I decided not to do this off of my regular twitter handle (@tedeytan) because I use twitter in a way that is described in this post, as a secondary communication vehicle (thanks for the tip, @christinekraft) (by the way, not sure I agree with the premise that twitter is a bad place to start, though).

Of course you can still subscribe via RSS or e-mail, by going here.

Truth be told, I am the least supportive of subscribing via e-mail, and keep thinking to eliminate that option – I can’t believe that people who subscribe read the e-mail that this blog sends every day. So if you are one of those people and find yourself deleting it more often than reading it, feel free to go to the subscription page or send me a note anytime, and I’ll take you off the list. I just want you to be as efficient as possible….


Ted, Scoble posted on this over the weekend. I'm not sure about separate blog feeds on Twitter. I'm not inclined to follow separate feeds for people in my network. Agreed that email feed fell out of favor before Y2K ; )


I agree with you it's a little awkward, I just think blog posts would clutter my human-generated twitterfeed. Maybe I need to get over that. I would actually like to stop the email feed, but I have a feeling some people still use that as their notification scheme. We'll see how this goes, points well taken,


Ted Eytan, MD