Video Friday: Gas Pumps say the most interesting things these days

I have been doing work with Bon Secours Health System, based in Richmond, Virginia, and when I stop for gas during the drive from DC, I have been amused by the jingles that come from the gas pumps along the I-95 corridor. I felt compelled to take a video of one this time.

There are three jingles this time, so try to listen all the way through, and see what you think. It’s a relative public health cornucopia. (maybe they could throw in a “why not take a walk around the block” once in a while?)


They are without a doubt the most annoying trend in gas stations around Richmond!

Ted – what kind of work are you doing with us?

Nick Dawson

Director of Community Engagement – Bon Secours Richmond


And you do too, which explains the attraction…


I have enjoyed your work before, I didn't realize you work for Bon Secours. I am working with the ConnectCare team. Would be nice to connect,


Ted Eytan, MD