Increase Access with Pre-Visit Phone Calls

Increase Access with Pre-Visit Phone Calls – The Digestive Disease Center, led by Dr. Scott Strong at Cleveland Clinic Foundation (Cleveland, OH) used pre-visit phone calls to reduce no-shows on its 12,000 visits from an initial 12 to 15 percent to four percent, and late arrivals from a range of 11 to 14 percent to just eight percent. The center also credits implementation of the pre-calls to an increased revenue capacity of $750,000 and a jump in patient satisfaction from 47 to 60 percent.


Hey DrV,

Thanks great to hear – please do if you could. I know that you're not yet doing secure e-mail with your patients, but based on your experience, do you think this would translate to pre-visit secure e-mails to patients? Thanks for taking a look,


Ted Eytan, MD