“73 Cents” Mural Dedication, Tonight, Washington, DC

Dear Friends,
I just wanted you to know that at 8:15 pm on Tuesday, October 20th (The National Day of Hope and Remembrance) we will be dedicating the mural “73 Cents” in honor of the memory of Fred Holliday. We will meet by the mural in the CVS parking lot at 5001 Connecticut Ave. I am asking everyone to bring either a flashlight or a candle. We plan to light the mural with at least 45 beams of light to represent the estimated 45,000 American people who died last year do to lack of medical access. We will be singing songs from Buffy The Vampire Slayer- The Musical Episode, “Once More, With Feeling.” Fred wrote his dissertation on Buffy and I can think of no better way of remembering him. I have no idea how many people will show up. We could have a small gathering or a flash mob. Please attend if you can. If attending is not an option please tweet or blog about it.
Thank You, Regina


Ted Eytan, MD