McChrystal’s Frank (and open) Talk on Afghanistan – 60 Minutes – CBS News

McChrystal’s Frank Talk on Afghanistan – 60 Minutes – CBS News – From 60 minutes recently. I love this quote, which speaks to the value of transparency and openness.

It’s hard to keep pace with McChrystal (he) breaks all the rules about restricting classified information to those with an absolute need to know by using video technology to conference in every one from the Pentagon to the headquarters of the Afghan army.
“One of the things I was looking at just this morning is Taliban reporting on their desire to widen the fight,” McChrystal noted during the briefing.
“The idea is as many stations as you can get in here, and as many people in each one to listen. Just, it cuts the challenge of communicating.”
“There are hundreds of people, that’s right,” McChrystal agreed.
“Do you worry about security leaks when you have so many people involved in these things?” Martin asked.
“I’m less worried about leaks than I am about the people who don’t know what we’re trying to, you know, ignorance. So, I think it’s a trade off and I think I come down on this side every time,” he said.


Ted Eytan, MD