Presentation: Telling our Story: Using Web2.0 Tools to Maximize Health

It has been a busy week to say the least. One of the highlights, though, was giving this presentation with Holly Potter, Vice President of Public Relations and Stakeholder Management for Kaiser Permanente, at the Health Care Public Relations, Marketing & Internal Communications: A Social Media Summit, put on by Ragan Communications.

We talked about how we met, through similar communication-type experiences, and the work we are doing now, including promoting an internal social network at Kaiser Permanente, and promoting participation of physicians and staff online with members and potential members.

It’s been really great to work with Holly and her team, who are coaching us to participate, rather than to not participate, and who we can turn to when we want to know just how high the expectations our communities of us are. The expectations are pretty high, and they’re willing to help us meet them.

See what you think and enjoy.


Ted Eytan, MD