Regina Holliday Paints Mural to Show Health Care Woes

Regina Holliday Paints Mural to Show Health Care Woes – October, 2009: Story on AOL news about the 73 Cents mural.

As I was quoted in the article, I believe this is a national monument to patient empowerment.


Thank you for helping getting this painting everywhere. What a beautiful painting. Very sad story but she is getting the message out. I understand the frustation about hospitals my son was killed in an accident from hydroplaning they would not give me his medical records they said they were not allowed. But yet they told me over the phone without knowing who I was that he was dead. Read David's story got a bill passed in his name to put emergency contact information with our drivers license this should be in every state.

Dear Carmela,

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to to let me know about David's story. You see, I have been writing about the importance of emergency contacts and personal health records and knew about the work in Ohio, but not the person attached to it.

My colleague Larry Williams from Roadside Telematics spent a lot of time educating me, which resulted in this series of posts on this blog.

I can assure you that Larry and others are working hard to prevent what happened to David's family from happening again, and he is a great teacher .



Ted Eytan, MD