Myths and Realities of Meaningful Care Plans

Myths and Realities of Meaningful Care Plans – Speaking of trust and transparency – I love that Group Health Cooperative physicians and leaders are “blogging as they go” with regard to their reinvention of primary care. They tell us, they don’t know exactly the best way to do some things on day one, but they are trying, and talking about it openly. Really, what is not to like about that.

“So that’s my new routine. Our current approach to “Care Planning” may change over time. EPIC may develop a slick new module with its own tabs and toolbars. I don’t know. What I do know is that by following a few simple conventions and “rules” as I have outlined above we can have a consistent, meaningful, and helpful way for our patients, their families, and our colleagues to know where to find their latest care plans. What’s not to like about that. To me it is a huge step towards providing patient-centered care that really works for everyone.”

Ted Eytan, MD