My photograph is Picture of the Week – BMJ international Print Edition – “Picture of the Week” – 73cents – My photograph of the 73cents Mural, produced by Regina Holliday, is published as British Medical Journal’s International Print Edition Picture of the week.

With the transparency that comes with blog publishing, I will state that I’ve requested official permission from BMJ to publish this image; I’m still waiting for a response. Given that this has already been published at and I’ve linked to the PDF above, I hope I’ll be allowed to keep the image here. The choice to include Ms. Holliday’s work has a lot of impact on promoting patient empowerment.

Follow-up: Permission has been granted by the British Medical Journal to publish this image here.


Yikes. I sure hope I don't get in trouble for posting it!

Did they contact you about using your picture from Flickr, or did you sign away those rights when you uploaded to Flickr?

Anyway THANK for taking the picture and, of course, sharing it.

(And you might send me the address to whom I too should beg…)

Hi Dave,

I was thinking you could set a precedent that I could follow :).

They contacted me and I gave affirmative permission to publish, although they could have published according to the license on the photo there.

I am hoping that they'll give "permission back." – Will let everyone know what they say!


Ted Eytan, MD