Photo Friday: In the Digital Operating Room / Seattle Panoramic

In the Digital Operating Room

I couldn’t choose a single photograph this week, so I chose two. The first is of myself in the “Digital Operating Room” at the Sidney Garfield Center for Innovation in Health Care , which I have written about previously (with an image of Jim Lewis, MD, from the Innovation and Advanced Technology Team, who’s been leading this work for Kaiser Permanente). The side by side image of the home environment (also in The Garfield Center) is a (theoretical) illustration of a future where there could be greater involvement of patients and families in their care, across the spectrum.

The second photograph is a panoramic and Quicktime Virtual Reality (Plugin required if you don’t have it: view of the Montlake cut in Seattle, Washington, on a gorgeous summer day this week. This week was a milestone for me in that I moved to Washington, DC for the second (and last) time, ending all of physical ties to the Seattle community (but not my emotional ones!).

Montlake Panoramic

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Ted, glad to hear your back in Seattle for a visit . Sorry I have been so busy haven't had time to keep up with everything your doing or I would have taken you out for coffee.

Ted Eytan, MD