Photo Friday: Sunday coffee to talk about primary care

David and Ted, Fuel Coffee Montlake

This week’s photograph was taken in Seattle, Washington, where I am back for a visit, and could not (and will probably never) turn down an offer from colleague David Kauff, MD, Associate Medical Director for Informatics for Group Health Cooperative, to meet him at our local coffee establishment, Fuel.

David and I used to meet here periodically before work to get organized about issues affecting the implementation, maintenance, and development of health information technology. This time, we were talking about primary care. David is an internal medicine specialist who’s also a great informaticist, and has a great passion for education.

I now work with David in a different role working for The Permanente Federation, which sponsored the Medicine and Management course for Permanente leaders that he just graduated from, and I’m still as excited as ever to sneak behind the counter with him to see what more we can learn…..

Ted Eytan, MD