Photo Friday: Jane and Bob at NCVHS Testimony

Jane and Bob at NCVHS Testimony

This photograph was taken from the 8th floor of the Hubert H. Humphrey Building in downtown Washington, DC, where there was a National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics Hearing on Personal Health Records.

Both Jane Sarasohn-Kahn and Robert Coffield are thought leaders in the field through their work including Jane’s Health Populi, and Bob’s Health Care Law Blog, and I always add new ideas and thinking to my world….


I'm just dyin' to hear what everyone has to say about these meetings this week, because I'll be testifying at the group's June 9 session. It's all new and heady to me, so I'm looking to get grounded. (And not in the way Mom grounded me just a *few* years ago when I went to a party without permission…)

Ted, thanks for the great shot of Jane and me prior to the start of our panel. Was an interesting couple of days of discussion on the future of PHRs.

I've not gotten around to it yet – but plan to post on my blog my full written testimony that I submitted to the committee. I am also going to email the committee staff member in charge of the hearing and recommend that they post all the written submissions to the NCVHS website in the name of transparency.

They do now have the audio broadcast of the first two days up and available for listening via RealPlayer. Here is the link:

Actually Dave will be on the second panel for the National eHealth Collaborative on June 9th.

Panel Discussion: Consumer “Demand-Pull” for EHR Adoption: Is it Possible?

Christine Bechtel, Vice President, National Partnership for Women & Families

Dave deBronkart, Co-chairman, Society for Participatory Medicine, and Director of Marketing Analytics, TimeTrade Appointment Systems (Blogs as "e-Patient Dave")

Deven McGraw, Director, Health Privacy Project, Center for Democracy & Technology

Jody Pettit, MD, Health IT Consultant

I was one of the designated consumer reps that helped stand it up last summer for ONC.

Deven was on the governance committee with me and is a great voice for non-providers (aka patients and others who aren't sick). We worked hard to ensure that not only would 2 seats be dedicated to consumers but a pro-active consumer engagement commitment in the organization from the beginning and Jody Pettit and I are friends from her work in Oregon. Ted should know her from CCHIT I think as well?

Ted Eytan, MD