Photo Friday: ePatientDave from the Balcony

.ePatient Dave from the Balcony

Even though it’s not Friday, this photograph was taken on Friday. It is courtesy of Linda Davis, who responded to my tweet asking if anyone had documented the most impactful moment I experienced at Health 2.0 meets Information Therapy in Boston. In addition, there was a photo in this series of panelists Sean Khozin (HelloHealth), Roni Zieger (Google), and myself, listening to Dave from the balcony.


Hee hee…. I get your message, but something about this was just not sitting right, and I figured out what it is: we can play with the idea for fun, but I would no more put myself above others than you would.

So let's not take it too seriously. It's fun, and perhaps just a *little* bit of symbolism. But that's all. I ain't the pope, nor anything like it. :–)


when was the last time you heard & saw a patient lecturing health professionals, not in anger but as an expert? With the vast majority of the conference attendees very happy to witness the event.

Ted definitely has a point. This symbolic event was important for all of us who believe participatory medicine is the way to facilitate the transformation of the health care system. So what. You are the pope of the atheists and agnostics!


Maybe (tell me what you think), we could respect this moment and not take it to seriously at the same time, by integrating a "State of Participatory Healthcare" soliloquy, spoken by a patient, from the balcony, at every future Health 2.0. The good, the not so good, and the key things to work on in the next year – publish it at the same time in a fancy new Journal, right?

Thanks much, Brian! It's a great slideshow, I'll update the post now.

Ted Eytan, MD