Photo Friday: California Healthcare Foundation including the Patient Perspective

Bryan Bush, Patient Advisor

This week’s photograph was taken at California Healthcare Foundation offices in Oakland, California, where patient advisor Bryan Bush is part of an advisory group was assembled to discuss the “Clinic of the Future” Initiative, described as

The goal of this initiative is to stimulate large scale, substantial, sustainable and scalable improvement for patients and providers in the way safety net clinics provide high quality care to the underserved.

Bryan is a patient of Sebastopol Family Health Center, which I have profiled (and cheerleaded here) previously, and as I have observed in other environments, helped center the conversation. Bryan told the group that in his former primary care environment that “It’s hard when you start to care (about your health) to not be able to see your doctor.” He also told the group that Sebastopol’s patient portal will be one of the sites he bookmarks (“it will be one of my favorites”) when it goes live – “It will be lifesaving.”

That’s Mary Szecsey to Bryan’s left, and Jason Cunningham, MD, to Bryan’s right. Together they are innovating in Bryan’s patient experience by providing him with the primary care he needs when he needs it, and by bringing him into the conversation about how their primary care is designed for patients and families.

Jason Cunningham, MD

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