Photo Friday: The Einstein Memorial

Albert Einstein

This week’s photograph is of the Albert Einstein Memorial, in front of the National Academy of Sciences Building, in Washington, DC.

I had not known about this work before I was invited to go on a walking meeting with Claudia Williams, Director of Health Policy, for the Markle Foundation. The memorial is impressive both in its larger than life-ness, and its accessibility – you can literally sit next to Albert. Claudia pointed out that this memorial is an interesting juxtaposition to the Lincoln Memorial, just across the street, which I really wouldn’t have considered before she mentioned it.

Given my interest diversity in the workplace, in health care, and equal access for patients, I was especially uplifted by one of the three quotations engraved on the bench:

As long as I have any choice in the matter, I shall live only in a country where civil liberty, tolerance, and equality of all citizens before the law prevail.

Part of the fun (and magic) of walking meetings is learning more about one’s community through the perspective of another person. When a person schedules a walking meeting with me (using the excellent TimeDriver tool), I ask them in the scheduler to tell me where to meet them, so I can enjoy experiences like the one I had with Claudia and Albert.


I like to do walking meetings, too. Have had challenges getting people to agree and, hence, do them. But they're have a completely diff vibe, and I like them as an option.

Walking meetings are a great way to learn a new city for me! The Einstein Memorial is one of my top three favorites in DC. Did you get the "must" photo of you sitting on his knee with you listening intently as he speaks only to you? My first visit there I was told that he sometimes does that…..and I swear he talked to me about that very quote during a march on Washington many years ago. I try to walk by and say hello to him every time I'm in the city!

Thanks Ted!

Jessie and Betty,

Thanks for the walking meeting endorsements – this is one of the "mini-movements" in my repertoire. I occasionally have a need for a wise voice (like all the time), so I will put it on my agenda to have a seat next to Albert soon,


Ted Eytan, MD