About My Twitter Hiatus (Not mine, Jeremiah’s)

  • About My Twitter Hiatus – I’m known for being a very active twitter user, recent applications have tracked my daily usage from being 20-30 tweets on average. I’m not like other twitter users, as I have a very specific method in which I use the tool. However, two weeks ago today, I stopped using twitter, and announced that I’m on temporary Twitter hiatus.

I’m not taking a Twitter hiatus, but I am using it in more interesting ways, such as looking at its ability as a listening device in health care. I wrote my first Twitterbot, here: http://www.twitter.com/wxdc – it very simply tweets the Washington, DC weather on a schedule. Feel free to follow it if you’re interested in the DC weather.


I'm thinkin' that broadcasting weather bulletins isn't innovative. Automating microbloggling apps is like sending an inflatable doll to represent you at a cocktail party.


I'm thinking that I agree with you about weather…..Tim Berners-Lee's first Web application wasn't Facebook, either, though. The Weather app was just for me to learn how to make API calls back and forth to Twitter for something more interesting. Think about the fact that the next frontier of health management may involve text messaging and Twitter represents a very low cost (free) platform for managing SMS communication in a structured way.

I'm working on a prototype for blood pressure management that makes more sense, especially since there's now a protocol for home measurement and we know that people benefit when their family/support systems can be involved in helping them stay healthy.

I'll post a screen shot or two here in a few days, thanks for following along, I'll look forward to your critique,


Ted Eytan, MD